girl behind the camera


Hello! My name is Beca and I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer! Currently serving both South Florida and North Carolina (and excited to transition all my attention to North Carolina weddings Fall 2020 when I officially make the move!) I’m a dog mom to the most adorable french bulldog on this earth named Pablo and I’m currently enjoying that sweet, sweet newlywed life with my handsome husband, Jonathan! Follow me on instagram- I post new work frequently and I share an obnoxious amount of photos my dog on my story.

When I'm not photographing couples or glued to my computer editing you can find me

-Trying new restaurants all over town
-Buying new plants that I definitely don't have space for
- Going to concerts
-Knitting accessories that are too hideous to wear out in public
-Spending unhealthy amounts of time at Target
-Snuggling my pup on the couch with a glass of wine and marathoning the office or Brooklyn 99
-Thoroughly vacuuming my apartment (I have a vacuuming obsession AM I THE ONLY ONE?)

in action

engagement session